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Day 31 - 36

Loch Moraig

May 3 2023 – Day 31

The Munros in Euan’s sights today are a long way into the Cairngorms from Blair Atholl up Glen Tilt towards another base point at Glen Shee, the ski centre in fact.

The Munros are:

Carn Bhac – Hill of the Peat Banks

Beinn Iutharn Mhor – Big Hill of the Edge Point

May 3 – 4 2023 - Day 31 - 32

Over the next two days, Euan would continue up Glen Tilt and reach Glenshee after completing another 8 Munros –

Carn Bhac – Hill of the Peat Banks

Beinn Iutharn Mhor – Big Hill of the Edge Point

Carn an Righ – Hill of the King

Glas Tulaichean – Green Hills

An Socath – The Projecting Place

Carn an Gheoid – Hill of the Goose

The Cairnwell – Hill of Bags

Carn Aosda – Hill of Age (wrinkled)

Total Munros – 88

Glen Tilt - Bridge erected in 1886 with funds contributed by his friends ands others by the Scottish Rights of Way Society Ltd to commemorate the death of Francis John Bedford, aged 18 who drowned near here on 25th August, 1879

The hill of the King refers to either King Malcolm Canmore or Kenneth MacAlpin who was able to unite the Picts and the Scots into a powerful kingdom. He was able to do this without an oath of allegiance – ah, those were the days.

Readers may also have noticed the Hill of the Age or Wrinkled as a standout in the rather mundane list which COHN has conjured up with hill names. The writer cannot decide whether this is merely a descriptive term or a bit insulting.

While at Glenshee, Euan was joined by his brother, Neil and his dog Obi who would accompany him on the next leg.

May 4 2023 - Day 32

May 5/6 2023 – Day 33/34

Euan and Neil had pretty awful weather for the next stage – mist, rain and a very strong, gusty wind. As a result they had to limit their day to the first two Munros on the list below – an achievement in itself. Euan then went on to climb the others on the next day and reached the base for the next day’s climb – Mount Keen which is the most easterly Munro.

Glas Maol – Grey/Green Hill

Creag Leacach – Slabby Rock

Carn an Turc – Hill of the Wild Boar

Carn of Claise – Hill of the Hollow

Tolmont – Valley Hill

Tom Buidhe – Yellow Hill

Mayar – High Plain

Dreish – Bramble Bush

Total Munros – 96

Challenge 282 wish to thank Eric and Neil for supporting Euan in his efforts and for guiding Cr282 around this part of the Cairngorms. The commander, being a touch fastidious, will carry out a full inventory and inspection of Cr282 when he returns tomorrow which the writer knows is both unnecessary and given the commander’s own housekeeping skills would be hypocritical in the extreme.

As promised in an earlier blog, the negotiations between Euan and the commander prior to the start of Ch282 need a little clarification but did not take long to be fair. Apparently about two years ago, Euan was describing his plans and the commander expressed an interest in them and agreed to help. The commander cannot recall the exact details (increasingly a problem as the weeks go by – the Editor) but in fairness alcohol – a known memory depressant (medical term) – had been taken.

Fast forward to late last year, the idea of a campervan was introduced to the ongoing dialogue. Further inducements followed such as the definite provision of a fridge – some or indeed any beers just don’t taste right warm, right? There were bed options but to be fair there were no quibbles on Euan’s part – the commander would get the larger double one with a memory mattress. No discernible memory gains have been observed in the commander’s behaviour and sleep has not been a problem. This bed is a little short for the normal sized commander but no reasonable request has been refused by Euan so far. Should the commander employ an agent? Discuss.

May 7/8 2023 Day 35/36

Day 35 – Mount Keen – Gentle Hill - Total Munros - 97

The most easterly Munro – The Gentle Hill - belied its name for Euan and Neil who found it wet and windy. Euan had traversed a long way from his last Munro to get to the summit but was able to find a better route down this solitary mountain. He then cycled to Loch Muick where he met friends, Cr282 and the commander back from his leave. Thanks to Robert and Muriel for the lift from Aberdeen and the homemade soup and sandwiches.

Euan’s beard had grown a little, his face a touch more weather-beaten but he looked in good shape and the commander was also glad to see Cr282 also spic and span.

Day 36

Leave was very much over for the commander as he was awakened just after 6.00am by the usual van alarm – Euan sparking up the gas ring under the previously filled kettle ready for the morning cup of tea. Euan has sometimes been observed reaching out of his “maggot” – I know that I’ve been away for a week but I do hope our regular readers will remember that “maggot” is the affectionate term used in the van for sleeping bags – with an arm across the galley to find the gas switch. The commander crept out of his maggot to find Euan up and preparing his customary porridge with the additions of blue berries, banana and honey. The commander requiring a less energy giving diet settled for muesli and granola.

Lochnager – Loch of Noise or Laughter

Today we were camped under the gloomy Lochnager – “Dark Lochnager” of Lord Byron fame. Lochnager was originally the name of this mountain’s lochan but the mountain itself usurped the name for itself. This renaming was the work of Byron and Queen Victoria from the original, Cac Carn Beag. Since “Cac” is connected to the Scots word “keech”, it’s little wonder that the prim and proper Victoria preferred the name Lochnager. Victoria, the long serving monarch in whose reign saw the bare legs of grand pianos covered up in lace to protect the instrument’s modesty and deny any onlooker any glimpse of a well turned ankle, I mean castor. We live in different times.

Cac Carn Beag – Pass of the small Cairn

Coire a Choire Bhoidheach – Hill of the Beautiful Corrie

Carn an t Saigart Mor – Big Hill of the Priest

Cairn Bannoch – Peaked Hill

Broad Cairn – Rocky Hill

Stats – 32km, 6hrs 41mins, 4767ft assent & 4904ft decent

Total Munros – 102

Euan was accompanied on the first Munro by local friends, Tony and Juliana who arrived early at 6.20am for a 7.00 / 7.30am start. They obviously were not aware that Euan did not like to be rushed as he completed final preparations for the day. This was especially the case as each debated what level of wet weather gear would be best. They all set off just after 7.00 in good spirits and made the first Munro in under two hours despite the awful weather. Summit cake was gratefully eaten on top with an extra cake passed over to support more Munro progress (thanks to Rachel). The trio then parted leaving another 4 Munro's and gradually improving weather.

The passing of 100+ Munros would coincidentally be celebrated by Euan’s mother and brother, David in a happy combination of a planned visit with a significant milestone in the Ch282 journey.


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1 Comment

May 10, 2023

The Munro’s named in this blog are more familiar to the writer having summited on many occasions.

Glad to read the Editor has returned to blog task, full of wit and humour as read above. Don’t read out loud, folk may get the idea, that you were missed. Now three figures has been breached in terms of munro summit’s a mile stone in any language, congratulations. Bydand

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